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The bike repair station – IBOMBO PRS-sV1 is also designed for use in public places, although its construction does not allow to put the bike on the grip.

Its body is made of thick galvanized steel or stainless steel. They may be powder coated or painted with thermo-plastic paint. The buyer has access to the tools  thanks to unique screws with patent key (f. ex. to change used tools).

The tools are attached to stainless steel wire ropes, the length of which gives the possibility of reaching all bicycle components. The QR CODE on the front panel enables the immediate use of online publications with instructions of use. The sheet metal elements of the device are fastened with anti-theft screws;
the wrench will as well be handed over to each customer.

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IBOMBO PRS-sV20 is an advertising area with the surface of about 250 cm2.
Place your logo on the Bike Repair Station at no extra charge! Characteristic of the product:

● galvanized or acid-resistant AISI 304 housing (stainless)
● powder or thermoplastic paint
● AISI 316 fi4 stainless steel wire ropes + swivels
● QR CODE with repair manuals
● stainless anti-theft nuts (AISI 304) with a patent key for mounting the base
● up to 250 cm2 of advertising space
● adjustable spanner 0-32 mm
● phillips screwdriver PH2 + fi4 swivel (AISI 304)
● 5.5 x 1.0 flat screwdriver + fi4 swivel (AISI 304)
● hex key set | 2 | 2.5 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 8 | + swivel fi4 (AISI 304)
● 2 x tyre levers (plastic with steel core)
● hand pump with pressure up to 10 BAR (Glycerine Manometer “Anti-Fog”)
+ Multi Valve adapter + Compressor hose + Stainless steel piston “Heavy Duty”
+ aluminum (PA6) sealing and lubricating flange

● all high-class components and internationally recognized brands

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Basic colour palette – powder paint:
* You can order any RAL colour

Basic colour palette – thermo plastic paint:
* no possibility to paint in any RAL colour

The thermoplastic coating is the most comprehensive solution on the market. It provides the highest level of resistance against the influence of environmental factors, wear, damage and vandalism. It also requires low conservation.

Attention: Despite all efforts to keep the most accurate colour reproduction possible,
our pallets are used for informational purposes only.
The best mapping you can check in samplers. 

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