20 December 2022

How to put on a bicycle chain in an easy way

A falling chain is a problem of many cyclists. It can spoil even the most successful expedition. Improperly putting on the chain may result in the chain falling out again. How to attach a chain to a bicycle in a simple and correct way? We suggest in the article below.

Proper alignment of the chain on the bicycle – which is what?

Before we show you how to properly attach the chain to your bike, we’ll explain what a properly installed chain looks like in general. The key rule is that the chain should be as centered as possible. This means it should run straight with no bending in the gears. The ability to properly center the chain usually comes over time with repeated attempts. So don’t worry if you’re not doing very well at the beginning. However, it is worth trying to fit the chain correctly, because a properly centered bicycle chain works quieter and its lifespan is much longer.

Why the chain is falling out?

Wear and tear is the most common cause of the chain to jump and fall off frequently when riding a bicycle. With use, the chain stretches over time and thus falls out. Therefore, it is important to regularly check its length with a special chain wear gauge. Some people shorten the stretched chain by a few loops on their own, but this is not a recommended solution. In this case, the best is to replace the chain on the bicycle, as a badly worn chain can damage the entire system, which is associated with a much more time-consuming and costly repair. A falling chain is also dangerous, especially on longer journeys.

repair of a bicycle - bicycle chain

How to attach a bicycle chain?

Regardless of whether you want to fit a new chain or a falling chain, the steps are similar for both. To fit a falling chain on a city bike, you first need to properly position your bike. Therefore, it is best to place the bike with its wheels facing upwards, which will provide better access to the entire system. Thoroughly remove any grease from the chain before installing, and then pass it through the derailleur carriage. It is recommended to put it on the smallest sprocket to make the whole process easier.

If, on the other hand, you want to attach a new chain to your bike, follow these three steps: take the current model off, put on and fasten the new one, and preserve it. To remove the chain, you must first undo it. It’s easy, but requires the right tools. If you do not have them in your home workshop, you can use, for example, a bicycle repair station. In order to disassemble the chain with pin, unclip it with the chain tool. Place the tool against the chain link and knock the pin out of the socket by turning the handle. This way you will separate the whole thing. You can use the same method when you want, for example, to shorten the length of the chain. After unfastening, remove the used part from the bike. Replacing a bicycle chain with a clip is easier. Use the pliers to squeeze the fastener lightly, then simply release it.

In the next step, put a new chain on the individual elements of the drive system. Ideally, start with the front derailleur. Be careful when passing it through the derailleur carriage in the rear gear. Once the bicycle chain is in place, pin both ends together. Finally, lubricate the product to protect it from dirt, dust and adverse weather conditions.