possibility of basic repairs for every cyclist
personalized for the customer
choose a colour, add a logo and more
a great way to promote
possibility of installation in many locations
without media supply
effective, proven and safe
hundreds of customers in many countries
easy to maintain and service
permanent access to spare parts


  • Dimensions: 156 x 51 x 40 cm
  • Weight: 65-90 kg (depending on optional equipment)
  • up to 18 different tools
  • grip for hanging the bike
  • up to 15000 cm2 of advertising area
  • many additional options


  • Dimensions: 134 x 44 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 22-30 kg (depending on optional equipment)
  • up to 12 different tools
  • grip for hanging the bike
  • up to 8000 cm2 advertising area
  • many additional options

  • Dimensions: 134 x 44 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 30-48 kg
  • up to 12 different tools
  • grip for hanging the bike
  • up to 11000 cm2 advertising area
  • many additional options


  • Dimensions: 71 x 32 x 33 cm
  • Weight: 12-18 kg
  • up to 6 different tools
  • small side-or-back bike stand
  • up to 1500 cm2 of advertising area


  • Dimensions: 71 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 10-18 kg
  • up to 6 different tools
  • up to 2500 cm2 of advertising area

  • Dimensions: 71 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Weight: 9-13 kg
  • up to 2500 cm2 of advertising area

Over 20 000 IBOMBO Bike Repair Stations are used in many countries, including: Germany, Poland France, Norway, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, UK, Luxembourg, Canada, Taiwan and Singapore – OUR CLIENTS.

The stations are personalized for each customer – choose the type of steel, colour, place your graphics or choose one of the many additional options.

The places where you will most often find our stations are: bicycle parking lots, bicycle paths, university campuses, shopping malls, schools, train stations, metro stations, office buildings, workplaces, recreation and leisure places, petrol stations, hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, bicycle services and shops, churches, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, housing estates, military bases, refugee centres, government and public administration facilities, as well as in many other locations …

The location depends on the initiative of sponsorship on the part of companies, public institutions and enterprises which, by installing IBOMBO bike repair stations, advertise their services or products and at the same time enable basic repairs to every cyclist. By providing free help with basic bike repairs the sponsor is always noticed and well-received. What is more, thanks to the possibility of equipping the IBOMBO Bike Repair Stations with additional bicycle accessories, the offer is broadened and thus the group of potential customers is constantly growing.

Our products are not one-off. In the event of vandalism, wear and tear, we guarantee constant access to spare parts. Our bike repair stations are constructed in such a way that the replacement of components is not time-consuming and can be handled by anyone without specialized tools. Importantly, the station housing parts are connected by special service screws – the special bits to unscrew them will be handed over to the customer along with the product.

Bike repair station as a useful advertisement – why is it worth it?

The strong trend of people towards ecology is becoming more and more popular in the most diverse areas of everyday life. Importantly, from the entrepreneur’s point of view, consumers appreciate companies that also promote pro-ecological solutions. An interesting way to do this, and at the same time one of the most noticeable from the perspective of potential clients, is to invest in bike repair stations. Why?

These stations can be precisely adapted to your expectations, both in terms of their functionality and aesthetics, about which we wrote further on the subsequent pages. In this context, however, the key is that after visually personalizing the structure, the bike repair station turns into an extremely effective advertisement of a given brand, strongly affecting cycling fans and people who ride a bike. The stations will be remembered for a long time by all who decide to use them.

When cyclists are forced to service their vehicles using the tools you provide them, they will remember the whole event perfectly and will probably mention it to their colleagues or family. In the near or distant future, the cyclists may even return to the same place, with the intention to carry out further repairs, or visit the point with one or more friends for this purpose.

All this time, the cyclists will be in contact with the station signed with your company’s logo and designed in a way that directly refers to its colours or marketing graphics. As a result, both the bike repair station and the company that made it available for general use as an the act of courtesy, will be well remembered by the user. Additionally, thanks to the aforementioned experiences, such a client will associate your brand with modernity and a disinterested concern for ecology and those who support it.

The described solution is the essence of the so-called CSR (short for “Corporate Social Responsibility”), which is an extremely fashionable business strategy nowadays and more and more appreciated on the market, referred to in Poland as “corporate social responsibility”.

Bike repair station from IBOMBO – the most important advantages

The key advantages of any bike repair station in our offer include, first of all, a well-thought-out design. When developing it, in each case we take into account the guidelines, tips and cautions formulated by world-wide, perfectly specialized bicycle organizations in their field. As a result, our constructions are characterized by above-average functionality and ergonomics. Their presence actually makes life easier for cyclists and encourages return visits for service activities, which over time can result in regular, recurring users.

In addition, they are also extremely resistant to regular, intensive use and perfectly protected against potential acts of vandalism. Their construction consists of, among others solid powder coated or thermoplastic steel sheets with a structure additionally reinforced by galvanizing. We also offer stations made of stainless steel, as well as brushed stainless steel, intended for difficult weather conditions. The tools in the self-service bike station are stored inside the cabinet, on hooks or in baskets, they are permanently attached to the structural elements of the device with the aid of a stainless steel rope. In addition, all the elements susceptible to theft are attached to the station column by means of special anti-theft screws. We provide you with the appropriate bits for their disassembly – together with the station.

As the self-service bike repair station is usually installed outdoors, we have also attached great importance to a high level of protection against the harmful effects of weather conditions.

Therefore, by investing in our bike repair stations, you gain long-lasting advertising space that constantly strengthens the positive image of your brand.

Professional self-service bike repair station directly from the producer

Apart from all the previously mentioned functional and durability benefits of our stations, there are also a number of additional advantages related to the fact that IBOMBO is both a seller and producer of the described solutions. The main benefit is the aforementioned personalization. As we personally deal with the entire production process, each of our self-service bike stations can be adapted to your needs in the following areas:

– the specificity of its structure,
– the number and types of available tools and accessories,
– colour themes (available options contain all colours included in the RAL palette),
– all kinds of inscriptions, logos or advertising graphics.

Importantly, the price of the product includes such personalization activities from the very beginning, so as a result the price does not increase in the aftermath of precisely adapting the design to your individual needs.

Bike repair stations purchased from the producer reduce the investment cost

The fact that IBOMBO is both a distributor and a producer of bike repair stations is associated with another very important advantage – namely a reduced price compared to solutions offered by distribution partners of this device. Then, the company interested in purchasing a certain number of stations incurs the costs of not only their production, delivery, assembly or the producer’s mark-up, but also the additional fee charged by the entity acting as a reseller in the entire transaction.

Bike Repair Station and much more – IBOMBO has a wide offer

As a producer with a comprehensive offer, we provide not only conventional bike repair stations, but also many of their specific varieties and similar solutions.

Among the most important ones, it is worth mentioning in the first place the innovative self-service bike wash point, as well as a wide range of various bike racks which enable fast, convenient and safe fastening of two-wheelers for the duration of your visit to a nearby facility.

In addition, our offer also includes solutions such as a bike repair station equipped with e-bike charging modules or standalone installations without tools, intended only for charging. An alternative to basic solutions can also be bike repair points, which are not a separate, independent structure, but instead are attached directly to the inner or outer wall of the building.

Self-service bike repair station – where to place it?

The general assumption here is very simple – a bike repair station will be perfect wherever cyclists or users of similar in design vehicles regularly appear. Therefore, these will be primarily places located near bicycle paths and parks, as well as the vicinity of various, frequently visited buildings and urban complexes.

We have already presented specific examples of possible locations, such as the area around shopping centres, sports facilities, educational or medical facilities, so we would not like repeat ourselves here. Instead, it is worth noting that the room for manoeuvre here is practically unlimited. Our bike repair stations are so diverse in terms of their shapes, types