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Bike Racks – Silicone Protection

We have introduced a new proprietary series of bike racks “Silicone Protect” – 02, made of polished stainless steel (AISI304 or AISI316). Stainless steel is an extremely durable and practical material, and at the same time noble and elegant.

The uniqueness of this series of racks is demonstrated by a silicone shock absorber, which

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Bike Repair Station PRS-sV20!

IBOMBO PRS-sV20 is an improved version of the IBOMBO PRS-sV1 Bike Repair Station. We removed the hooks in this model, which are not always intuitive for users. We noticed that people tend to repair bikes in a hurry and often throw tools to the ground after adjusting. Instead of hooks, we have come up

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Bike Repair Station in IKEA

Bike Repair Station in Ikea

On Wednesday (May 8) in front of IKEA in Warsaw, we have installed the repair station IBOMBO PRS – LV2 – what is important, for the first time there are frameworks on the sides of the station (open -remove- close)! This new feature makes it possible, to change the content of advertising on both

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Bike Repair station in the Himalayas! 5364 m.a.s.l. !

The bicycle repair station IBOMBO PRS-SV1 is now on the highest mountain pass in the world. Coordinator of the project were the Polish extreme-cyclists from Krakow – United Cyclists. Khardung La Pass (5364 m.a.s.l.) is located in the northern Indian state of Kashmir (High Himalaya).

This is a strategically important place, controlled by the

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Bike Repair Station in Nepal


The bicycle repair station IBOMBO has been installed by the team united-cyclists.com in the village Manang 3540 m.a.s.l. (Nepal). It is the highest point in the world, where a repair station has been mounted! A partner of “IBOMBO in the Himalayas” was also a company that produces bicycle accessories – SKS Germany.

IBOMBO PRS-SV1 is next

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Bike Repair Station on the Saharra

bike repair station with air pump

On February 3, in the city M’hamid (8,000 inhabitants) – known as the “gateway to the Sahara” , in the Moroccan province of Zagora, we have installed the self-service bicycle repair station IBOMBO PRS-SV1 on the main road. The entire logistics of the project took a pair of extreme cyclist (United – Cyclists) on itself. The station traveled

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