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We develop and manufacture products to improve the comfort of all cyclers
in public space. Each of our products undergoes quality evaluation tests to be as effective as possible, comfortable and to be used safely. Hundreds 
of customers have found out for themselves about this in the country and
in many UE countries.


The idea of bicycle repair stations IBOMBO apperaed during sudden, occasional, technical problems with the bicycle on bike trips. Such failures can ruin an entire day of a joyful journey and destroy many plans.

Motorists have it in such situations much more easily than cyclists. In case
of damage, our bicycle is not always equipped with the basic tools to perform
a small, but necessary repair. The experience of many cyclists shows,
that although they have a tool case, their actions are often not very effective and the repairs are inefficient.

What extends or prevents the repair, if we are far from home, in a strange place and there is no bicycle repair service nearby?

No bike stand and the lack of necessary equipment for repair are a big problem. Obstacles pile up and the scheduled time for a short trip is running out very fast. Punctual arrival at the planned destination is being questioned.

The IBOMBO team provides a tool kit and air pump – for free, in the form
of a public bicycle repair station!

We take care of one important thing – if you can not perform the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently – by scanning the QR code with Your smartphone, You will be redirected to a website wit repair manuals.


IBOMBO Bike Repair Stations are equipped with a necessary set of durable tools from recognized brands. The housings of our bike repair stations are galvanized or acid-proof AISI 304 (stainless). Our bike repair stations can be equipped with a side-or-back bike stand made of stainless steel AISI 304 (acid-proof) and also with containers for tools made of stainless steel AISI 304. The stations can be powder or thermoplastic painted. The tools are attached to stainless steel wire ropes. On the bike repair station you will find a QR CODE with repair instructions. You can mount the station to the ground by means of stainless steel anti-theft screws (AISI 304) with a patent key. Each bike repair station has advertising space – the cost of placing your logo on the bike repair station is included in the price of the product!

Product features:
● adjustable spanner 0-32 mm
● PH2 screwdriver + fi4 swivel (AISI 304)
● 5.5 x 1.0 flat screwdriver + fi4 swivel (AISI 304)
● hex key set | 2-8| + swivel fi4 (AISI 304)
● TORX key set |9-40| + swivel (AISI 304)
● Skateboard tools 9/16|1/2|3/8| + swivel (AISI 304) 
● flat wrench 8×10 mm
● flat wrench 13×15 mm
● 2 x tyre levers (plastic with steel core)
● hand pump with pressure up to 10 BAR (Glycerine Manometer “Anti-Fog”) with Multi Valve adapter
+ Compressor hose + Stainless steel piston “Heavy Duty”
+ aluminum (PA6) sealing and lubricating flange


The location depends on the initiative of sponsorship on the part of companies, public institutions and enterprises which advertise their services and products and by installing IBOMBO Bike Repair Stations allow basic repairs for every cyclist. By allowing free help with basic bike repairs the involved sponsor is always noticed and positively evaluated; especially since the IBOMBO Bike Repair Station can be additionally equipped with bike accessories, which will expand the offer and the range of potential customers. Nearly 10,000 IBOMBO Bike Repair Stations are installed in many countries; Poland, France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, the UK, Luxembourg, Taiwan and Singapore – OUR CUSTOMERS.

● shopping centres and large area stores
● bicycle parking lots
● biking trails
● university campuses and schools
● train and underground stations
● office buildings
● workplaces
● recreation areas
● petrol stations
● swimming pools
● restaurants and cafes
● bicycle services and stores
● churches and nursing homes
● hospitals and clinics
● housing estates
● military bases and government facilities
● and many other locations …


IBOMBO Bike Repair Stations have anti-theft and vandal-proof system:
● installation with the aid of anti-theft nuts with a patent key
● elements of a bike repair station connected by special service bolts 
● Stainless steel wire ropes fi4 (AISI 316) 
● Cover made of thick galvanized or stainless steel (AISI 304)
● powder/thermoplastic coating

Service operations are easier than “furniture assembly from Sweden”,
and the station housing parts are connected with the aid of special bolts.
Each customer receives bits to unscrew these bolts in order to restore the functionality of the device in case of damage, wear and theft (we send spare parts by courier shipment).


Designs of our products are registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). We also have a patent for an invention granted by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland
IBOMBO PRS-sV1 – EUIPO no. 1366587
IBOMBO PRS-sV20 – EUIPO no. 7690532
EUIPO no. 1382873, 1447197 | PATENT No. PL 222743


Bike Racks – Silicone Protection

We have introduced a new proprietary series of bike racks “Silicone Protect” – 02, made of polished stainless steel (AISI304 or AISI316). Stainless steel is an extremely durable and practical material, and at the same time noble and elegant.

The uniqueness of this series of racks is demonstrated by

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Bike Repair Station PRS-sV20!

IBOMBO PRS-sV20 is an improved version of the IBOMBO PRS-sV1 Bike Repair Station. We removed the hooks in this model, which are not always intuitive for users. We noticed that people tend to repair bikes in a hurry and often throw tools to the ground after adjusting. Instead of

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Bike Repair Station in IKEA

Bike Repair Station in Ikea

On Wednesday (May 8) in front of IKEA in Warsaw, we have installed the repair station IBOMBO PRS – LV2 – what is important, for the first time there are frameworks on the sides of the station (open -remove- close)! This new feature makes it possible, to change the

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Bike Repair station in the Himalayas! 5364 m.a.s.l. !

The bicycle repair station IBOMBO PRS-SV1 is now on the highest mountain pass in the world. Coordinator of the project were the Polish extreme-cyclists from Krakow – United Cyclists. Khardung La Pass (5364 m.a.s.l.) is located in the northern Indian state of Kashmir (High Himalaya).

This is a strategically

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Bike Repair Station in Nepal


The bicycle repair station IBOMBO has been installed by the team united-cyclists.com in the village Manang 3540 m.a.s.l. (Nepal). It is the highest point in the world, where a repair station has been mounted! A partner of “IBOMBO in the Himalayas” was also a company that produces bicycle accessories – SKS

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Bike Repair Station on the Saharra

bike repair station with air pump

On February 3, in the city M’hamid (8,000 inhabitants) – known as the “gateway to the Sahara” , in the Moroccan province of Zagora, we have installed the self-service bicycle repair station IBOMBO PRS-SV1 on the main road. The entire logistics of the project took a pair of extreme cyclist (United – Cyclists)

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