30 November 2022

Spare parts for bikes – which one are worth having?

Bike repairing. Spare parts and tools.

Bike Repair Stations have all necessary tools to do minor repairs, incl. flat pliers, screwdrivers,  Hex key set (Allen key), flat spanner and pump with adapter for all valve types. However, it’s not always possible to repair the bike with the elements for change that you have on you. Which spare parts are worth having them on you? This is a ranking, that will help you to prepare for each distance.

flat wrenches, hex wrenches, torx wrenches, screwdrivers, bicycle tire levers,, adjustable wrench, pedal wrench, bicycle pump

1. Tubes

Tubes are the elements that are damaging most often, especially when traveling through relatively difficult terrain. One sharper stone is enough to puncture a tire and without a tire it’s difficult to continue a ride. These elements of a bike are quite big, but after folding them, they are easy to pack into a backpack. One tube however can keep your mind calm while having a journey to the unknown.

2. Bicycle chain

The bicycle chain needs to be replaced by the new one, in theory, every 500-700 kilometers traveled. That’s why it’s easy to predict the time the new spare parts will be needed. Nevertheless, everyone wants to utilize the bicycle chain. But it’s worth bearing in mind that it can break once riding a bike. It’s nothing but to use a new bicycle chain. Fortunately, it’s not so heavy enough to disturb you while travelling.

3. Brake

Their technical condition has a direct impact on the safety of ride. Therefore, each time it’s good to check if they work properly. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth being prepared for the turn-up for the books.  Not only in the garage but also in a backpack, it’s worth having the spare parts for the brake mechanism. It’s just few elements keeping you safe.

4. Screws

Screws are used to screw some elements of the bike. The quivering while a ride causes slow but regular unbolting. Tightening these elements before every trip is a good practice. These small elements can easily be easily detached while a ride when you least expect it. To avoid such situation, that you look for a lost element the whole trail to screw it, it’s better to put few such spare parts in  backpack.

Of course, a typical bike contains of many elements. However, they do not have the same impact on proper work of the bike. The products mentioned above are necessary to ride to your destination even if something broke down. That’s why it’s good to have bike spare parts on you, mentioned in this article.