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29 August 2023

Vacation on a bicycle? The best destinations in Europe!

Wind in your hair, a vacation full of adventures and beautiful views – you are guaranteed it if you decide to spend your vacation on two wheels. Despite appearances, this is not just for experienced cyclists. There is also no shortage of routes in Europe that even novice bike enthusiasts can handle. Check out what places you can visit while cycling around the Old Continent!

Bicycle tour for beginners

Fancy a cycling vacation abroad, but wonder if you can handle such a trip due to your poor physical condition? Go to Hungary, where there is a charming route around Lake Balaton.

This route is not a demanding one. For the most part you will be riding on flat, straight terrain. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to admire phenomenal landscapes – the lake itself and the surrounding mountains. You will also see viticulture, and if you are a wine connoisseur, a visit to the local vineyards is a must. Excellent liquors await you there.

The route around Lake Balaton is as long as 210 kilometers. In order to quietly visit the charming Hungarian towns along the route and enjoy swimming in the lake, it is worth spending 7 to 9 days on it.

Cycling routes in southern Europe

If you like the southern sun and are ready for a longer and definitely more challenging trip, think about biking the Camino Francés trail. This is part of the Camino de Santiago, or the popular Way of St. James. Although it’s associated with walking pilgrimages, you’ll find many cyclists on it – and from all over the world.

The Camino Francés begins in the small French village of Saint Jean Pied-de-Port located in the Pyrenees. The bike route lead among the mountains, so expect breathtaking views. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to visit atmospheric towns, as well as old castles. As you approach the trail’s finish line – Santiago de Compostela – you will admire the phenomenal coastline, cliffs, as well as fishing villages.

This route requires careful advance planning and good physical condition. It is overcome, however, is a great way to explore the beautiful corners of the Iberian Peninsula.

Sightseeing in northern Europe on two wheels

Touring the Norwegian fjords by bicycle? Why not! Provided that you are well-prepared and experienced cyclist. The route around the Sognefjord fjord consists of sharp climbs, steep descents and plenty of serpentines. Those who manage to conquer this route will surely admit that it was worth pouring out the seventh sweat.

While driving this route, you will admire the fjord itself, part of which is UNESCO-listed. You will also see the impressive cover of the Jostedalsbreen glacier. Make sure to stop at Feigefossen waterfall and spend the night at one of Scandinavia’s exceptionally clear lakes.

Less skilled cyclists who dream of exploring Scandinavia on two wheels can opt for a trip along the Helsinki – Vaasa bike route. It runs mostly on flat, undemanding terrain. Nevertheless, overcoming it gives a lot of satisfaction. The cyclists will be impressed by the vast stretches of forest and large lakes. Such a tour can be combined with a visit to Helsinki itself – it’s worth seeing Senate Square, the harbor waterfront or the impressive cathedral there.

Bicycle vacation in Poland

Polish routes are not inferior to those in the north and south of Europe. Wanting to spend your vacation in the country, you can go on a bicycle journey:

  • the velo Dunajec trail – this is a route located in Malopolska, which leads from Zakopane to Wietrzychowice. The total length of the trail is 237 km. During the trip you will have the opportunity to visit as many as seven castles – including the ruins of buildings in Czorsztyn, Niedzica – and admire seven mountain ranges. This route is suitable for intermediate cyclists;
  • along the Green Velo trail – this route is more than 2,000 km long, so you can plan a trip along only part of the trail. It leads around the Masurian lakes, through Podlasie, and passes near the biggest attractions of Podkarpacie and Swietokrzyskie Mountains.

Don’t be afraid to take on the challenge and plan a holiday bike trip. Take with you the necessary luggage, a set of tools – which you’ll also find at the bike repair station – and set off on the adventure of a lifetime. Unforgettable experiences are guaranteed!