Bicycle wash


  • Dimensions: 33 x 35 x 37 cm
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Advertising area: up to 625 cm2
  • Material: galvanized steel

A bicycle wash is a great investment in promoting your business

Are you thinking about developing your business and want to invest in something that is not only convenient for customers, but also contributes to building a positive brand image? Consider the solution of a bicycle wash.It is ideal especially when the company’s business profile is related to the world of sports, especially bicycles.

The advantages of installing such a stand in the immediate vicinity of your business cannot be overestimated. First of all, the bicycle wash is a symbol that highlights

the brand’s support for ecological means of transport, as well as its promotion of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity.

A bicycle wash with the brand’s logo and colors becomes immediately recognizable. Cyclists using such a stand combine business with pleasure – they take care of their equipment and the environment, and at the same time have positive associations with the brand whose name, logo and colors they see at the stand. Selfless help in keeping their bikes clean translates into feelings of sympathy and loyalty towards the company.

In what places is it worth installing a bicycle wash? Ideal locations are those that gather many cyclists. These are primarily bicycle trails, recreation areas, and well-known stops along the cyclists’ route (e.g. near viewpoints). Another good choice are places near your business, where the customer can use the car wash while using the company’s services.

Investing in a bicycle wash is a good marketing move that can bring many tangible benefits to your company!

A bicycle wash in a public space is beneficial for everyone!

A bicycle wash is not as popular and common as a car wash. Cyclists therefore have a slightly more difficult task if they want to wash their two wheels. Fortunately, more and more bicycle washing stations are appearing in public spaces, although we will probably have to wait for this trend to popularize to the level of car washes.

Installing bicycle washes in public spaces, especially in places with heavy bicycle traffic, is a bull’s-eye in many respects. One of the key benefits of this solution is providing users with clean, well-maintained equipment. Every cyclist will appreciate the opportunity to use a professional car wash to keep their bike in perfect condition, especially if they have equipment intended for off-road use and ride on mud instead of asphalt.

On the other hand, there are many benefits for a company offering bicycle washes in public spaces. Firstly, it is an excellent opportunity to show care for the customer by providing him with a valuable service. Secondly, the company demonstrates its commitment to supporting sustainable development and green mobility, which is increasingly important today.

Finally, speaking of marketing benefits, the branding on a bicycle wash is an immediate indication of who is sponsoring this facility. This is an extremely effective way to build a brand and create positive associations with it. By sponsoring a bicycle wash, the company becomes recognizable among a wide group of recipients who use public space, and thus contributes to building a valuable reputation.

Bicycle wash – an effective way to attract customers

Having a bike wash available for public use near your business location is not only a practical service for the cycling community, but also an effective strategy for attracting customers and building relationships with them.

When a cyclist uses a free, highly functional bike wash and sees that it is sponsored by a specific company, he or she becomes more aware of that brand. The company logo on the car wash acts as a subtle reminder of its presence and offer. As a result, the cyclist may feel obliged to use the services, which makes this strategy extremely effective.

Providing a bicycle wash is also associated with building positive emotions. The free service shows that the company not only sells products or services, but also cares about customers and the environment, promoting a healthy lifestyle and sustainable transport. These can be decisive factors that convince a cyclist to use the service or product you offer.

As a result, a bicycle wash located next to the place of business may attract loyal customers who value concern for the quality of services as well as contribution to the local community.

Bicycle wash – remember this when purchasing

When you decide to place a bicycle wash in a public space with the company logo, you must be aware that it will become a real showcase of the brand. Therefore, it should not only fulfill its basic functions, but also represent the company in the best possible way.

Choosing the right type of bike wash is therefore crucial. It must be not only aesthetic, but above all, solid – so that it can serve without failure for many years, regardless of weather conditions, especially if it is an outdoor car wash.

Get to know the offer of the IBOMBO manufacturer. Our products are known for their durability and reliability because they are made of materials that will successfully last for many years, even in the most difficult conditions. What’s more, IBOMBO is also a manufacturer that deals with the branding of its devices – bicycle washes can have a look adapted to your brand, at the same time constituting its effective advertising.

It is also worth remembering that the decision to purchase directly from the manufacturer means real savings. You don’t have to pay additional fees to intermediaries, which usually translates into a better final price. All this means that choosing a bicycle wash from the IBOMBO manufacturer is an investment that brings many benefits!