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29 May 2024

Cooperation with the Center for the Support of Crafts, Dual and Vocational Education in Leszno

As a leading manufacturer of bicycle repair stations and other innovative solutions related to urban mobility, we want to play a key role both in production and in educating and supporting young people in their future career choices. On April 23, 2024, our company established cooperation with the Center for the Support of Crafts, Dual and Vocational Education in Leszno – this cooperation is intended to open up new opportunities for students. We also hope to inspire young minds to think creatively and innovatively – that’s why we plan regular workshops for students from various schools in Leszno and the surrounding area.

On April 26, 2024, we had the opportunity to host students of the ADVERTISING TECHNICIANS class. During the visit, students had the opportunity to see how IBOMBO functions “from the inside”. The youth learned about the company’s history, its mission and key values ​​that guide the company’s activities on a daily basis.

A key aspect of the workshop was insight into IBOMBO’s marketing and advertising activities. Students had the opportunity to learn about strategies for promoting products in the international market. They were presented with a modern way of customer service, and the design department presented how the first concepts of new products are created and what technologies are used to model and test them.

One of the most interesting points of the visit were practical wrapping workshops. Participants had the opportunity to learn how to properly apply personalized foil to various elements of our products. This way, students could get involved and feel responsible for the tasks they completed.

The visit to IBOMBO allowed the youngsters to directly confront the realities of work in the technical and advertising industries, opening up new professional perspectives for them. Students had the opportunity to see what every day work is like in various departments of the company, from design and production to marketing and customer service. Meetings with employees allowed for a deeper understanding of what skills are necessary in particular roles and how various tasks can be performed within one company.

We hope that our guests saw how important passion and commitment are in the context of a professional career. Our company focuses on innovation and continuous development, and can be an inspiration to improve your skills and competences. Students gained insight into the fact that by implementing sustainable development projects, they have a real impact on society and the environment.

Each visit gives us new perspectives and allows us to better adapt our innovations to the expectations of future generations. We value the opinions and views of our young guests, which provide us with invaluable inspiration. We believe that the exchange of observations and experiences between our team and students contributes to mutual development and helps us better understand the changing needs of society. We look forward to further meetings to continue developing our professional and personal interests.