2 April 2024

Electric bike charging stations

Nowadays, with environmental concerns becoming an increasingly pressing topic, innovations in sustainable transportation are becoming increasingly important. In response to this need, modern technologies are bringing more and more solutions, and one of them is a solar charging system for bicycles and scooters. This eco-friendly way of powering unicycles is becoming increasingly popular, offering users convenience, efficiency and undoubtedly environmental benefits.

Solar charging system for bicycles and scooters

The charging station for bicycles and electric scooters is a fully modular and autonomous product designed for the development of micro-electromobility in cities.

Operation without external power supply is possible thanks to efficient solar panels and dedicated electronics. In the default configuration, the station consists of 4 charging points in off-grid or on-grid configuration.

The unique solar charging system uses solar energy to enable eco-friendly and free charging of electric bicycles and scooters. With its modern design and use of renewable energy, it not only supports urban mobility, but also takes care of the environment.

Choose a solar bicycle charging system and experience the convenience of charging with clean and green solar energy!

Each post is equipped with a bicycle stand. The posts have double-sided grips that ensure the stability of the unicycle while it is being charged.


Solar urban shelter

The innovative urban solar shelter fits perfectly into the urban space.  The shelter not only protects from the weather, but also uses solar energy to power chargers and a reader. Equipped with efficient photovoltaic panels, it not only creates an aesthetically pleasing place, but also provides a sustainable source of energy for various devices, including USB chargers and LED lighting.

Invest in modernity and ecology with a solar urban shelter – a smart solution for cities that strive for sustainability!

Solar shelters are energy-independent urban facilities that provide residents with information and multimedia functions while shielding them from the urban outside elements.

Thanks to a special controller for energy management and communication with the cloud, the shelter is able to operate in the field all year round.


Solar bench

In addition to the unique urban design, the benches feature a modular design, so we can create up to 3 configurations of a smart bench from basic elements:

  • straight without backrest,
  • classic with backrest,
  • bench with integrated bike racks.

They combine modern design with green technology, using solar energy to power electronic devices. With built-in photovoltaic panels, the benches are not only a practical place to relax, but also an environmentally friendly source of energy.

The advanced technologies used in the benches ensure efficient collection of solar energy and also durability and ease of use. Robust construction makes the solar benches resistant to various weather conditions, which guarantees their long-term use.



Solar InfoKiosk

The innovative Solar InfoKiosk with e-display is revolutionizing information communication using solar energy. The InfoKiosk is not only a source of valuable information, but also an eco-friendly solution, thanks to its integrated photovoltaic panels. The always-active e-display enables the dynamic presentation of content, and solar power makes the InfoKiosk independent of traditional energy sources. Take advantage of modernity and sustainability in one – with the Solar InfoKiosk with e-display, ideal for public and communications spaces.


LiON switchgear

In recent years, electric bicycles (e-bikes) have grown in popularity as a means of urban transportation offering a fast, clean and economical alternative to cars and public transportation. In response to the growing demand, innovative infrastructure solutions have begun to emerge to support the e-bike ecosystem, including specially designed switchgear for charging e-bikes. One such cutting-edge solution is the LiON switchgear equipped with 2 cables, each with 3 plugs for direct connection, and an additional Schuko charging socket.


Unique features of electric bicycle charging switchboard

The switchboard has a module with 2 cables for direct connection to electric bicycles (E-BIKE), each with 3 different power plugs for the batteries in your bike. You can choose from the following plugs: BOSCH / Rosenberger / Shimano / Yamaha. The E-BIKE charging module is in a compact case made of high-strength plastic, which inside has additional protection in the form of complex protective circuits.



Self-service Bicycle Repair Station – IBOMBO E-PRS-LV2 LiON is designed for use in public spaces. The unit in the E-BIKE version is mounted to the ground. The sheet metal components as well as the E-BIKE charging module are connected with anti-theft screws – the bits for these are provided to customers.

The cables, on which the tools are attached, hang inside the cabinet; their length allows you to reach parts of the bicycle components. Rubber covers for the cables prevent tools from tangling and protect the bike frame from scratches. The station is equipped with a stationary hand air pump with an adapter for all bicycle valves. The design of the IBOMBO station allows you to place the bicycle on the support, make repairs or adjustments to bicycles with crank movements.


LiON Box, in addition to its attractive appearance and space-saving design (it can be mounted on a wall/elevation/stand and on our IBOMBO PRS-E-LV2 LiON charging station), offers the best charging technology for electric bikes and scooters. This is possible without the additional chargers and complicated battery removal that would otherwise be required! With easy installation, the LiON Box is ready for immediate use.

We offer:

LiON BOX with Classic or Silicon Protect stainless steel stand (to mount charger) with 2 charging cables for E-BIKE with 36V charging system.


LiON BOX without rack with 2 charging cables for E-BIKE with 36V charging system.


Independence from your own charger

A switchgear equipped with a charging socket eliminates the need to carry an individual charger with you, which is a great convenience for electric bike users. The availability of a universal socket means that bikes can be charged directly, which not only simplifies the charging process, but also minimizes the risk of forgetting or damaging personal charging equipment.

Why is this an innovation in urban mobility?

Versatility and accessibility

Modern charging switchboards offer numerous outlets to charge different models of electric bicycles. This provides users with easy and quick access to charging, which encourages users to choose electric bicycles as a means of transportation more often.

Environmental protection

Promoting the use of electric bicycles and providing the necessary charging infrastructure is in line with global trends of sustainability and emissions reduction.

Promoting healthy lifestyles

By facilitating access to electric bike charging, cities are encouraging residents to be physically active and choose healthier forms of getting around the city.

The introduction of LiON switchgear for charging electric bicycles is a key step on the road to creating a sustainable, efficient and user-friendly urban infrastructure. Investments in such solutions are investments in the future of urban mobility, which relies on green, economical and healthy modes of transportation.