25 March 2014

First University with IBOMBO bike repair station!

On Friday, March 21, two IBOMBO bicycle service stations were installed at the Gdańsk University of Technology. It is the first university in Poland equipped with such a facility. One of the service stations is located at the bicycle parking lot in front of the main building of the Gdańsk University of Technology. The second one is located in front of the new ETI building. The devices will be available not only to students. “The mini-service-workshops were funded by the university, they are located on the campus; the idea is that not only students, but all cyclists should benefit from it” – said Dr. Sławomir Ledwoń.

The bike repair station is the effect of the activity of student cyclists Cycling at PG. The team’s main task is to introduce a number of facilities for students and employees of the Gdańsk University of Technology. The needs of the “bicycle brotherhood” are taken into account in all new projects related to the development of the university infrastructure.

As the deputy chancellor for technical resources – Piotr Iwańczak, assures, the stations are not the only solution that meets the needs of cyclists. “On the first day of spring, we will open two service stations for cyclists, which is an absolutely pioneering event when it comes to universities in Poland. On this day, an architectural competition for the development of the area in front of the Main Building is also starting. It is a huge area, covering almost half of the campus, stretching from Siedlicka Street up to the Academic Park. According to the competition assumptions, this area is to become not only a representative public space of the university, but also a friendly place for cyclists. In this competition we put great emphasis on the proper design of bicycle transport and parking lots for bikes, as well as limiting car traffic. Next year at this time construction work will already be in progress, ”he assures.