19 April 2024

Reflective IBOMBO stations

We are pleased to present you something new in our offer – bicycle repair stations covered with reflective foil. Recently, IBOMBO completed a project for a special customer request, which was to have bike repair stations visible even at night on a dark street. This is a great solution for stations located next to sidewalks, roads or parking lots, as it increases the visibility of the station at night, depending on the light that falls on it, up to several tens of meters. Therefore, reflective foil is a solution recommended to customers who want to install stations in poorly lit or unlit areas and thus further ensure the safety of all road users.

The increased visibility of the stations also catches the attention of passersby, cyclists and car drivers – curiosity is then triggered – they want to take a closer look at our products and learn about the possibilities offered by our product. Stations covered with reflective foil will certainly work well in places with high traffic, such as gas stations and train stations.

Oralite 5300 self-adhesive reflective foil are used, for example, for the production of temporary road signs, information and advertising boards. The foil has in its structure a system of glass beads embedded in a transparent plastic mass. The smooth surface of the foil combines high scratch resistance and good printing parameters. It is also resistant to solvents and other chemicals: when properly applied, it is resistant to most oils, greases, fuels, aliphatic solvents, weak acids and bases and salts. Durability of the foil is 5 years under conditions of Central European climate. The foil can be applied to metal, aluminum and galvanized sheet metal surfaces. Data on reflectivity and colors in daylight are in accordance with the European Standard DIN EN 12899-1 and correspond to international specifications for the reflectivity of materials in this class.

Below are some photos of a realization we had the pleasure of making for our client. The station shown is entirely covered with Oralite 5300 reflective foil, but it is possible to print individual elements on the reflective foil – for example, a reflective logo. This is an original way to use a small advertising space, but effectively draw attention, for example, to the client’s logos. We will be happy to provide details of the offer to all interested parties.