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26 June 2023

What to follow when choosing the first bicycle for a child?

When your child decides to switch to an “adult” bicycle on two wheels, a difficult task awaits you. The number of models of two-wheelers for the youngest may surprise you, and you need to find one that will fit the physique of the toddler, and at the same time appeal to him. We suggest what to pay special attention to in order to choose the perfect bike for your child – one that your toddler will enjoy and ride safely.

Take your child to the store

Before you buy your toddler his first bicycle, visit a well-stocked bike shop together. Take a look at which vehicles make a special impression on the future master of two wheels. Encourage your child to get on several models and find out which one was most comfortable for him. Pay attention to whether the toddler was able to get on and off the bike freely, and whether he was able to drive it efficiently, holding the vehicle by the handlebars.

Pay attention to the wheels

How big the wheels should be on the first unicycle depends on the child’s age and stature. Those that are 12″ are reserved rather for cross-country bikes and tricycles. However, if already a three-year-old with a height of up to 100 cm would like to try his hand at riding two wheels, then this size will be ideal for him.

Four-year-old children can successfully start their bicycle adventure with 14″ wheels. However, in the case of five- and six-year-olds, they should already have 16″. At the same time, it should be remembered that these are conventional recommendations. If the toddler is finer and shorter than his peers, it is worth choosing for him a bicycle with smaller wheels than his age indicates.

Take a look at the frame

The frame on a child’s bicycle should be lowered. This will make it easier for a young cyclist to get on and off the bike. Although some children will have no problem getting on any bike, most toddlers have yet to master this technique. A lowered frame will make the toddler feel more confident on two wheels and more eager to polish the skill of riding.

Check how much the bicycle weighs

The child should be able to drive independently, as well as lift his bicycle from the ground. Therefore, when choosing a vehicle for a toddler, be sure to pay attention to how much the model weighs.

Ideally, if you manage to find a bicycle that weighs no more than 10 kg. Such models usually have lightweight aluminum frames. As a result, young cyclists have no problem lifting them. Unfortunately, the lightest children’s bicycles are also the most expensive – so it is worth looking for a vehicle that is a compromise between low weight and affordability.

Bicycles with torpedo and traditional brakes

When you start looking for a bicycle for a toddler, you will notice that some of them have a hand brake, and others have a torpedo type.

In the former case, there are traditional braking handles on the handlebars of the vehicle. A bike with torpedo brakes, on the other hand, stops using the pedals. When a toddler starts pedaling backward, the vehicle automatically brakes.

Children who have previously ridden cross-country bicycles and are used to using their legs to brake will be fine on a vehicle with torpedo brakes. On the other hand, if an older child is starting to learn to ride two wheels, it is worth considering the purchase of a unicycle with handle brakes.

Accessories in children’s bicycles

Although the color of the bike will be the most important thing for a toddler, as a parent, you should take a close look at the accessories.

Look for a child’s vehicle among models with a chain guard. It increases safety during the ride, as it prevents shoelaces or pant legs from getting caught in the drive. Even a child’s first bike should also have reflectors or lights – and preferably on the front and rear of the unicycle. Also, don’t forget that a bell is not just a decorative gadget. It should be on a child’s bicycle so that the young cyclist learns to signal danger and his presence on the road.

Once you have chosen a vehicle for your toddler, visit a self-service bicycle repair station. Use the tools available there to adjust the height of the saddle to your child’s height, in addition to checking tire pressure.

Learning to ride a bicycle can be the beginning of a great passion. Therefore, choose the right – comfortable and safe – vehicle on two wheels for your child and teach him to spend time actively.