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Bike Repair Station in IKEA

Bike Repair Station in Ikea

On Wednesday (May 8) in front of IKEA in Warsaw, we have installed the repair station IBOMBO PRS – LV2 – what is important, for the first time there are frameworks on the sides of the station (open -remove- close)! This new feature makes it possible, to change the content of advertising on both sides of the station quickly . Advertising material can be printed on plain paper. The frame can be exposed to rain and sun. The first frames were made for a special order from Austria.

We are pleased to be noticed by IKEA and that our products have been recognized by the company’s employees already in 2013. But we have to prove, that our product is high quality and durable.
Especially for IKEA, we developed new pictograms on the case.

The IBOMBO station is a clear signal, that cyclists in IKEA stores are highly desirable and expected.
IKEA encourages customers to eco-transport. How can we ensure that IBOMBO offers products matching the corporate policy of IKEA:

“We want to have a positive impact on people and the environment for many years, we focus on saving resources and form a better everyday life for many people (…) ” – http://www.ikea.com/

Another good news – after consultation with disabled people, IBOMBO provides a new standard – a bench next to the stations, for attendants of people with disabilities. It will simplyfy to pump air in the tires of wheelchairs.

Bike Repair Station in Ikea

Bicycle Repair Station in Ikea

Bike Repair Station in Ikea

Bicycle Maintenance Station in Ikea


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