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Bike Repair station in the Himalayas! 5364 m.a.s.l. !

The bicycle repair station IBOMBO PRS-SV1 is now on the highest mountain pass in the world. Coordinator of the project were the Polish extreme-cyclists from Krakow – United Cyclists. Khardung La Pass (5364 m.a.s.l.) is located in the northern Indian state of Kashmir (High Himalaya).



This is a strategically important place, controlled by the Indian Army. It attracts thousands of tourists, who want to be for a while in this magical place. Dreams of cyclists, which want to struggle not only with the 37 km extreme driveway, but with themselves, come true here – because, as Jacek writes on the fan page of United Cyclists:

Only then you will have enough strength to do it with a smile on Khardung La, if you overcome this route with the head and not the legs


IBOMBO station was mounted under watchful eyes of the military. There is no higher point on the planet, where the station could serve cyclists / motorcyclists.

There was much confusion, when it turned out, that we need a million permits from the police, the secret service and at the end of the Indian Army (…) I convinced the head of the local office of national security, that the station is not an igniter or a device for wiretapping and that I’m not a Pakistani or Chinese spy. And if all that were not enough, when it seemed, that everything goes well and that we can drill, our generator had too little air (…) – reported coordinator Jacek Lisiecki




Our whole team waited impatiently for the ultra difficult action to end with success. It seemed, that all the difficulties are not to fight, but there is no challange United Cyclists can not overcome. There remains only the Kosmos 🙂

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